Friday, April 29, 2011


Today, I'm sending out an update. Well, I recently, as of 2 weeks ago, almost quit my job, outright, without warning, without a job backup. But my boss, administrator of the assisted living facility I work at, wanted me to take the weekend to think about it, and reconsider. Reluctantly, I did reconsider quitting, mainly due to I didn't have another job lined up. I was suffering from burnout and disappointment in my colleagues, etc. But, unless I found another job, or hit the lottery or made my writing a more complete part of my life, I had to keep it. So I did. Happily enough, I only work 2 days a week, x12 hours each day. That's not much take home money, but for right now, I can handle it. I'm being considered for another position, a treatments position, where all I would do would be bandages, breathing treatments, creams etc. I don't know how many days a week it would be or how many hours but I think it would give me a break from what I'm doing.

So that's what's been going on in that regard. Uh, I've settled in on a story (something I've always had a problem with writing is choosing 1 story to write and sticking with it.), so I've been working on it, I'm around 5k and I've not lost interest. I know that doesn't seem like much, but to me it is. I wander too much. I don't allow my self the time to put things in order, to jot it all down, I just want it done. Writing is a lesson for me. World building, faith making, people creating, what will happen next, I've never allowed myself to acknowledge their magic.

I'm still taking photos, for the other blog, it's just not everyday, and I post them whenever. I kinda knew I wouldn't keep up with it, grrr. What else? I'm still trying to get to know myself better. It's difficult. I think I used to know myself, but I believe I was so young and naive, what I thought I knew wasn't how I am.

I'm trying to learn to except religion better, following a path of a religion has always been difficult for me, because, I've always had a desire to say "fuck it" you can't make me follow you. But, I'm learning, believing in something, someone, is acceptable. Sharing yourself with someone, or a belief system is not Soul-sucking, what I learned when I was a kid. And now, as an adult, I accept that I have so much to relearn.

We are supporting a child from an impoverished country. I want us to be able to help him as long as we can. My next goal is to help support either a local animal shelter, sponsor a puppy or kitty or send money into the ASPCA. It hurts me to see all of these animals that die either by man or nature, and no one is there to care for them or about them.

More updates later.

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