Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Eyes Have It

Well, it was late Wednesday/early Thursday morning-ie 1a.m. and we were sitting around going through some new clothes, we went shopping, and well, you know how it is with seeing something about to happen... Like you think it could happen, but it doesn't... Well, it did. My friend was popping off these size sliders (the thingies on hangers that tell you the size of the shirt, pants etc) of the hangers. I was looking right at it, when low & behold the motherfucker shot off and slammed me right in the fucking EYE! Oh my god, that hurt so fucking bad! Jeebus! For a good 20-30 minutes, while I was jumping around, I could not see and it felt like a bloody knife sticking in my damn eye! My eyes were watering, my nose was running! I was a damn mess. Who would think that a piece of plastic the size of a damn Lego shot at a high velocity (he was forcing the sliders off w/scissors) right into your fucking eye could hurt so bloody bad. Shit! Luckily enough I had money left over from my tax refund and I was able to be seen at J's eye dr. the next day. Diagnosis: corneal abrasion w/traumatic iritis. Ie: I got poked in the damn eye, it's scratched and hurts like a mother. Yep, that's about right!

I paid around $150.00 to be seen twice by the dr. and I got some antibiotic goop and I can see a little better than before and it does not hurt nearly as bad. I'm good. V. feels like shit, but like I told him, shit happens, that's what an accident is.

So, I'm good. AND I got written out of work for the weekend, fuck, I can't see y'know. My job wasn't happy about it, but screw 'em!

Well, I'll SEE you all later. Going to go forage for food. Maybe in my next post I won't curse so much.


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